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Interested in joining the Norseman Ski Club? Its too late for this season, but our membership year starts May 1 and we are now processing renewals and applications for next year. Click the CONTACT US link, and choose the "Membership" topic.
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  Nordic Day: Kananaskis Fire Lookout from Boulton (D4[20/6/0])
Nordic Day: Whiskey Jack/Pocaterra/Lynx/Amos (D3[10/11/0])
Backcountry Day: Rummel Cut block (D2[12/6/0])

Nordic Overnight: Shadow Lake Lodge (D3[10/9/0])
Nordic Day: Tyrwhitt Loop (D5[12/2/0])

Nordic Day: Pipestone Loops Bus Trip (D8[54/39/0])
Nordic Day: Blueberry Hill from Elk Pass parking lot (D4[10/4/0])
Nordic Overnight: Kicking Horse Lodge, Field Mid Week Trip (D2[24/17/0])
Nordic Overnight: Lake Louise Inn, Lake Louise weekend (D2[50/35/0])
Backcountry Day: Chester Lake (D4[15/4/0])
Nordic Day: Yoho Valley Road to Takakkaw Falls (D4[16/4/0])
Nordic Overnight: Bow View Lodge, Banff (D2[40/22/0])
Backcountry Day: Rummel Cut block (D2[12/7/0])
Nordic Day: Elk Pass/Tyrwhitt/Packers/Pocaterra (D5[10/6/0])
Nordic Day: Bragg Creek/ Iron Springs loop (D3[12/2/0])

Nordic Overnight: Mt Engadine Lodge, Spray Lakes Road (D2[19/5/0])
  Nordic Day: West Bragg Creek (D2[20/7/0])

  Nordic Day: Boulton, whiskey jack, Tyrwhitt, Elk pass to Boulton (D4[15/7/0])
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Newest Events

Sat, Feb 28 2015:
Boulton, whiskey jack, Tyrwhitt, Elk pass to Boulton (Nordic Day)

Sat, Feb 28 2015:
West Bragg Creek (Nordic Day)

Mon, Mar 16 2015:
Test event - please ignore (Social)

Sat, Mar 14 2015:
President's Day Meet (Nordic Day)

Wed, Mar 4 2015:
Assiniboine Lodge, Assiniboine (Backcountry Overnight)

Wed, Mar 4 2015:
Naiset Huts, Assiniboine (Backcountry Overnight)

Payment Cut-Off Dates

Tue, Mar 10 2015:
Test event - please ignore (Mon, Mar 16 2015)

Tue, Mar 10 2015:
Test event - please ignore (Mon, Mar 16 2015)

Wed, Mar 11 2015:
President's Day Meet (Sat, Mar 14 2015)

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